About us

Leopard 95 Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Sofia with main activity wholesale and retail alcoholic beverages in Bulgaria. 1999 successor to the company in this direction became Leopard Trading Ltd. In the management of the new company are the founders of the Leopard 95 OOD, so in 2015 the company celebrates its 20th anniversary on the Bulgarian market.

Leopard Trading Ltd has a network of sales representatives throughout the country. The company's products are present and large retail chains.

We are proud to note that we were able in recent years to establish on the market Ouzo of Plomari. This is one of the brands that are leading the European market of aniseed drinks. Thanks to the good partnership with the manufacturer - Izidoros Arvanitis distillery on the island of Lesbos, in our brand Ouzo of Plomari enjoys great popularity and is a synonym for quality product. Aroma of anise from locality and village Lisvori special Sedunda river water collected in a traditional bottle and guarantee every palate whimsy unique, unique and balanced taste of Ouzo of Plomari.

Leopard Trading Ltd managed to popularize the Bulgarian market and the unique German drink Jägermeister. It contains over 56 natural ingredients and herbs. This gives the Jägermeister specific and unique taste and aroma. Bottle of Jägermeister is distinguished by its shape, color and exceptional strength.

Louis XIII cognac selection of leading premium drinks Leopard Trading. It is named after the French King from when Remy Martin creates a wine house in Cognac in 1620 than 1200 different mix wine distillates aged 100 years makes the difference between Louis XIII and other beverages. Four generations of cellar masters of carefully selected and evaluated each wine destilat- 100% originating in the area Grande Champagne, France.

Our vision over the years

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