Danzka Vodka 1l

Premium quality vodka in a Danish designed aluminum bottle
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It is made from Danish wheat, produced and bottled in Denmark, and exported world-wide. DANZKA Vodka was produced for the first time in 1989, and although the brand is owned by Waldemar Behn GmbH (Germany), it is still handled in Denmark by the Danish subsidiary, DANZKA Vodka Copenhagen ApS.

DANZKA Vodka offers consumers premium quality vodka in a Danish designed aluminum bottle that was modeled over the classic cocktail shaker. DANZKA Vodka is made using an advanced production process - a combination of water extracted from the Danish underground that has been demineralized, 100% whole grain and a six-column continuous distillation process - producing a smooth aromatic vodka, rich in taste, with a slight note of citrus that makes it ideal to drink chilled.

Interesting facts about the aluminum bottle:

Danzka vodka chills 50 minutes faster than any other glass bottle vodka.
Danzka hold its temperature almost twice longer than any other glass bottle vodka.
Danzka`s bottle is made by 100% percent recyclable aluminium
If you drop it will not break as the glass bottles.
You can reuse it as a vacuum flask

DANZKA Vodka is the world's best travelling premium vodka. Its proprietary aluminum bottle of sleek Danish design is made to chill very quickly as it protects one of the world's great vodkas for safe handling and travel. The design is in keeping with Danish design.

The logo and bottle design for DANZKA Vodka has been created by Danish designer, Johannes Torpe. The bottle can be described as an elegant, modern streamlined aluminium cylinder with striking shelf appeal.

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