Happy anniversary

On the occasion of 20th anniversary of Leopard trading, we have created a limited edition commemorative series Brandy "Aged faithful friends." For this purpose we produced 1,800 unique bottles.

The Bottle

It is the fruit of our imagination while developing the design we aim to combine the Bulgarian tradition in production of alcoholic beverages with the contemporary character of "Leopard Trading" as our approved distributor and reliable partner of the Bulgarian market. Each bottle is hand made in Armenia.

The Drink

Each bottle of the Jubilee series includes the well-known Bulgarian brandy user "Burgas 63" - 63 Barrel special selection of Black Sea Gold Plc,. Pomorie

Burgas 63 was created with a single purpose - to offer the ultimate experience of the best Bulgarian drink. With each new vintage best batches of brandy 63 selected for aging in small oak barrels.

We Leopard Trading, created this unique product with a single purpose - to celebrate together with their customers and partners jubilee, leaving a trail in your collection!